Have you encountered the following problems?

Documents are messy, discoloured, wrinkled, rotten, or even missing

Easily record bills and expenses by taking pictures

Take a long time to reconcile every month

Recommendations for transactions match and make reconciliation easy

Use different software to issue quotations and invoices, the records become messy

Companies can keep historical information files and data neatly in the Xero cloud platform

Working from different places (Such as Home Office)

Bookkeepers and accountants can use Xero for accounting regardless of location and time. The multi-party cooperation between Xero and online platforms can improve enterprise performance.

Accounting colleagues leave, handover becomes difficult

Create invoices and quotations using Xero's preset templates, which can be changed in real time.

Difficulty hiring part-time accounting colleagues and high cost of full-time accounting colleagues

HKD $300-400 per month


Business Continuity

Companies can keep documents and data neatly in Xero.

Automatic Update

Real-time updates to Xero are important for companies because they are accurate the latest data and plan for the future by checking everything in Xero.


A visible and countable dashboard in Xero can predict and calculate the cash flow in which the companies can accurately the business' operation.

Reduce the manual procedure

Automatic matching and categorization can simplify the reconciliation of the bank transactions. Xero keeps records with digital files.

Reduce IT Costs

Xero cloud solution can keep the records in synchronization and digitalization in one system.


Xero is a cloud-based platform, that provides convenience for clients to handle the daily accounting affair through various devices. Simply log in to the Xero accounting software does all the accounting procedures issuing the bills, managing the transitions, and uploading the records to enhance the effectiveness. Clients can conduct the accountant without restriction by using Xero.
Xero is available to automatically synchronize bank accounts on the cloud platform can benefit clients to quickly integrate daily transactions, and fully understand the financial status. Complicated procedures of manual entry are no longer needed and Xero fosters the efficiency for reconciliation and improves the accuracy. Companies are able to manage the cash flow and inventory conspicuously by using Xero.
Xero keeps the high level of data confidentiality as banks. Clients can set up the management authority and two-step authentication security login, multi-layer security to protect the data. Data backup is updated online 24 hours a day and protected by multi-layer firewalls. Access to cloud databases and servers are strictly managed and monitored.


Why choosing CLG Group?

Provide pre-set up (including data import), establish XERO system, provide Xero system teaching, and post-support one-stop service, easy to use, teach you to know

Has successfully assisted the digital transformation of 500 companies from traditional accounting software to Xero cloud accounting system

2020 Xero Awards

XERO Silver Partner Hong Kong Emerging Accounting Partner of the Year

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