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Technology Voucher Program (TVP) is launched in November 2016 aiming to support local enterprises/organizations in the application of technological services and solutions for improving productivity and upgrading the business process.

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If the approved TVP funding amount exceeds HKD50,000, an audited income and expenditure statement covering the entire project through an independent auditor should be submitted to Secretariat within 2 months after the completion of the project. Our firm is one of the selected audit service providers for approved technology voucher applications. Please check for details at Audit Service Providers Selected for Approved Applications under the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

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1What is Technology Voucher Program in Hong Kong (TVP)?

  • Technology Voucher Program(TVP) is provided by The Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF). TVP aims to support local enterprises/organizations using technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade or transform their business processes.

2I have two companies. One of my companies has successfully applied for Technology Voucher Program (TVP) funding. Can my other company also apply for Technology Voucher Program (TVP) funding?

  • Your other company can also apply for Technology Vouchers Program (TVP). From August 14th, 2020, Applicants for Technology Voucher Program (TVP) should also note that different legal entities that are owned by the same person 30% or above are no longer regarded as the same institution to calculate Technology Voucher Program (TVP) ) Cumulative total funding.

3In what situation does the applicant of the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) need to find an independent auditor to compile an audited project income and expenditure statement?

  • If the approved funding amount of the Technology Voucher (TVP) exceeds HK$50,000, the company must submit an audited project income and expenditure statement prepared by an independent auditor to the Innovation and Technology Commission.

4How long does the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) project related independent account books and records need to be kept?

  • To maintain a high level of integrity in the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) project, the Innovation and Technology Commission will conduct random checks on individual projects. Successful applicants for Technology Voucher Program (TVP) must keep a set of proper and independent accounting books and records for each project within seven years after the completion of the project, and provide relevant information, including Account books and records for verification at the request of the Innovation and Technology Commission or the representative of the government/government authorized agency

5Can a shell company or an enterprise/organization whose primary business is mainly conducted outside Hong Kong apply for Technology Voucher Program (TVP) funding?

  • Companies and organizations that use “shelf companies” for business registration or whose primary business is mainly carried out outside Hong Kong will not be deemed to have substantive business operations in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is not eligible to apply for Technology Voucher Program Funding ( TVP).

6Can I apply for a newly established company?

  • Recently, the government abolished the one-year operation requirement. So, in theory, it is possible. However, to prove that the company has an operating record, it is generally recommended to have at least three months of regular business operation before applying.

7If I am applying to other public funding programs, can I still apply to Technology Voucher Program(TVP)?

  • For the same project, a company cannot apply for different public funding programs simultaneously unless it is proved that the company has withdrawn from one of the public funding programs. After that, however, the company can apply for different programs for different projects. If the application for another program fails, the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) application can still be accepted.

8if some equipment is necessary for upgrading and transformation, can the funding from Technology Voucher Program (TVP) be subsidized

  • As long as the company can prove that the relevant equipment is critical and can increase production capacity or transformation, the company can obtain the funding with sufficient justifications. It is noted that only the Innovation and Technology Commission has the final approval power. For example, guests who open a restaurant need to add POS and other systems. Technology coupons include catering POS software, queuing systems, and food ordering machines.

9What are the approval standards of the innovation and technology commission?

  • After receiving the application form, the Innovation and Technology Commission will check the qualifications of the applicant company and make a preliminary assessment. Then, the Technology Voucher Program Committee will consider eligible applications. The evaluation criteria include: whether the proposed project is related to the business of the applicant company, whether the budget is reasonable, whether the implementation details are reasonable, and whether the relevant consultant or service provider has a bad record.