Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In Malaysia

No Limitation For Foreign Shareholder

Malaysia company has no restrictions on foreign ownership, so your registered Malaysia company can be 100% foreign owned (Except some areas are restricted to Malaysian Business Ownership).

The Geographic Location Of Malaysia Is Nearby Other ASEAN Economies

Malaysia is so close to other ASEAN countries, which will cause the convenience of trading and extend your business to ASEAN countries.

No Limitation On Malaysian Companies About Repatriation Of Dividends, Profits, Royalties And Capital

Lesser the limitation for your financial concern, lesser the trouble when you starting up your business.

No Language Barrier

Almost All Malaysians Speak English, So There Is no barrier to speak with the locals.

Low Tax Rate

17% on the first taxable income of RM600,000 and 24% on the next taxable income if the paid-up capital is RM2.50 million

Requirements For Setting Up A Company In Malaysia

  • Company name can only be in English or Malaysia
  • At least one shareholder and one director (either individual or corporate shareholder)
  • It is recommended that one of the directors is a legal resident of Malaysia, or if only foreign directors, proof of address of residence in Malaysia is required
  • At least one company secretary
  • Registered office address in Malaysia required (Company Secretary can provide related services)
  • Most foreigners register private limited companies (Sdn Bhd), but there are also branch offices* or representative offices* for different needs.

Malaysia Company Incorporation Procedures

  • Prepare registered capital (100% foreign capital, recommended paid-in capital of 1 million ringgits)
  • Hire a qualified company secretary and find a suitable office address for the company
  • Preparation of corporate documents such as signatures of directors and shareholders, memorandum of association and memorandum of directors
  • Submit a company registration application to SSM
  • Submit the required registration documents
  • Pay the company registration fee

Chinese citizens need to provide the following information:

  • Photocopy of ID card

Foreign citizens need to provide the following information:

  • Photocopy of ID card or passport
  • Date of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Gender
  • Proof of address

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