Gingersoft - Cloud Catering System

The all-around catering system makes your operations easier. Integrated functions and a simple operation interface help you easily manage your catering business



Order Conveniently Online

  • Scan QR code to order
  • Support dine-in, self-pickup, delivery, and pre-order

Enjoying The Moment

  • Coupon code
  • Automatic discount
  • Points exchange

Restaurant Staff

Integration of Online And Offline Operation

  • Simple POS operation
  • Solving O2O online and offline operations by only one machine
  • Can be used with wireless cash registers
  • Support multiple online payment modes
  • Efficient and safe


Multiple Reports Are The Most Efficient

  • Intelligent management background, real-time data update
  • Keep track of the latest status of the store anytime, anywhere
  • Refined and efficient management of multiple stores
  • More docking with accounting system

Our Solutions

POS Ordering System

Depends on the needs of the restaurant, provide suitable solutions for your restaurant, such as providing a complete system of network line planning suggestions and discussing the cable planning matters with the decoration master after the on-site inspection of the restaurant.

Mobile Ordering System

When you order meals for guests, if employees equip a GSA mobile phone with our ordering system, they can directly use their mobile phones to order meals for guests, without having to “write on paper”, and there is no need to go to the host of POS system to order food every time. It saves time, completes the ordering procedure efficiently, and increases the number of table turnovers.

Self-Service Queuing System

We provide self-service ticket collection terminal, number / advertisement display terminal and call number terminal. Then assist the restaurant to manage the waiting guests more efficiently.

Online Reservation

Lightspeed Reservation APP reserves seats, accurately records the needs of customers’ reservations, and enables zero-distance contact with services. Reservation entrance It can be FACEBOOK, APP and restaurant official website.


Ordering food online is convenient and fast support. You can also order food online via APP, allowing customers to order food at home and in the company The restaurant will deliver it to the customer’s location by itself.

Scan Code To Order

Support registration-free ordering, ordering food immediately after scanning. At the same time, it supports functions such as one table with multiple machines, leaving seat information reminder, as well as food quantity upper limit control and instant clearing control.

Queuing Up

There is no need to wait for remote number picking, and it supports APP remote number picking. Customers can line up at home, in the company and other places to pick up the number automatically remind customers to prepare to enter the venue.

Member System

Publish membership cards online to facilitate customers to receive and store, develop long-term, stable, and loyal consumer groups, expand market share, and increase customer loyalty.

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