Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In Cayman Island

Lower Cost For Incorporation

The Cayman Island has no requirement for initial capital. It is one of the most important you need to consider when you are choosing a place to incorporate.

No Requirement For Annual Report, Accounting Or Auditing

The Cayman Island is a self-governing British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea. And Cayman Island does not have a requirement for annual report, accounting and auditing

Low Tax Rate

Tax is always the main concern of starting a business. But in Cayman Island, there is no income tax, no property tax, no capital gain tax, no payroll tax and no withholding tax.

Freedom Of Naming

There is only a few limitations for naming your company. Therefore, you can name your company freely.

International Transaction And/Or Investment

The assets of the company can be transferred freely to different countries. There is no limitation of moving your money around.

Requirements For Setting Up A Company In Cayman Island

  • At least one shareholder, no nationality restriction
  • At least one director
  • No minimum capital

Cayman Island Company Incorporation Procedures

  • Name check (we need to avoid identical companies as it is not allowed)
  • Submission of documents and payment of fees
  • Registration of the company

For more information on incorporating a Cayman Island company, please contact our professional consultants and we will provide you with a FREE consultation.