Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In BVI

Low Requirement Of Submitting Document

In BVI, there is no requirement for audited financial statements, annual fillings and a company secretary. You can start your business in BVI smoothly.

Ideal Trading Environment

BVI has an independent judicial system based on English common law. All the companies in BVI are safe and protected.

Tax Exemption

There is a tax exemption for offshore income in BVI. It has no income tax, corporation tax, capital gain tax, or wealth tax.

Protection For Directorship

By incorporating in BVI, your directorships are protected as you only need to submit a few documents to the government.

Shareholder Identity Protection

In BVI, the information of the shareholders status, income status are all protected by the law and kept confidential.

Requirements For Setting Up A Company In BVI

  • BVI company at least one shareholder and director aged 18 years or over
  • BVI company has no minimum capital
  • BVI company required a local registered address"

BVI Company Incorporation Procedures

  • Procedures for BVI company set incorporation
  • Name check (we need to avoid identical company names as it is not allowed.)
  • The company name can be english and chinese
  • Submission of documents and payment of fees
  • Registration of the company

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