Xero Story – SiuMing Photo

JUNE 25, 2023

SiuMing, the founder of SiuMing Photo and its chief photographer, graduated from the Design Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a first-class honors degree and has worked in the field of design for more than ten years. In 2006, he founded SiuMing Photo, focusing on wedding and bridal photography. To date, he has won numerous awards, including being named one of the top ten wedding photographers in Hong Kong for six consecutive years and winning more than 50 awards in international wedding photography competitions. In 2020, SiuMing also founded SiuMingTeam to create high-quality wedding photography works for more couples.

SiuMing Photo, engaged in commercial and wedding photography work, has always used Excel spreadsheets to manage finances. When customers purchase services, employees will issue invoices to collect deposits, and then collect the remaining payments in installments according to the progress of the shoot. However, using Excel to issue invoices requires manual entry of order numbers, which increases the workload of employees and the chances of errors. Sometimes, there are different revision versions, which makes the team easily face the problem of chaotic invoice management, greatly undermining the customers' confidence in the company.

As the number of customers continues to increase, employees find it overwhelming to handle Excel spreadsheets. SiuMing Photo realized that Excel has been replaced by cloud accounting systems and decided to use the Xero system to solve the above problems. Employees can enter invoices through Xero and send invoices to customers by email to collect payments. At the same time, Xero provides an invoice categorization feature, where employees can mark payment periods when issuing invoices and automatically calculate the balance, which is convenient for following up on the payment situation later. When customers make a payment, employees mark the payment date and method on the same invoice, and set a notification for the next payment date. This greatly alleviates the pressure of employees managing a large number of invoices, reduces the occurrence of manual errors, and maintains the company's professional image.

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