Xero Story - Gingersoft - POS Restaurant System

JUNE 25, 2023

Our partner, Gingersoft, uses the Xero system. In the future, the team will be able to easily handle daily bookkeeping and financial paperwork directly on their mobile phones. Real-time data can better reflect the company's cash flow situation, helping to expand business.

Xero can be connected to Dext. Even if the Gingersoft team needs to work outside, they can automatically obtain financial data directly through Dext on their mobile phones. Just take a picture to accurately extract the required numbers and text, and all the document data are collected in one place 📲, no manual input is required to complete the recording.

In addition, Gingersoft's POS can now directly connect to Xero, allowing restaurant customers 🍽 to enjoy the same easy financial work. Adding real-time financial data to the POS can help restaurants effectively get the latest cash flow situation. Truly achieve "One mobile phone, all done online!"