Xero Story – Cheng Hung Faat Alpha

JUNE 25, 2023

Our client, Alpha Cheng, has been in the insurance industry for 15 years and has become a multiple-year MDRT. To qualify as a MDRT member, one must meet specific commission performance, professional knowledge, ethical conduct, and customer service requirements. This is an industry-recognized performance certification and will be adjusted according to the cost of living indices in various places. At the same time, Alpha has nearly a thousand customers and serves as a team manager.

Whether it's team operating costs or individual reimbursements, Alpha has been using Excel to manage finances. As the number of customers and team members increase, so does the volume of documents such as invoices and receipts. For Alpha, inputting invoice data one by one is very time-consuming. Sometimes, due to busy work, Alpha might forget to upload data. This makes financial management difficult for Alpha and may lead to errors and omissions.

Alpha decided to use the Xero system to solve the above problems. Alpha can input team member data or activity expenses on the cloud system, generate reports with one click, and instantly save time on accounting tasks. This leaves more time to meet with clients, follow up on their conditions, and motivate team development.

Moreover, Xero can alleviate the pressure Alpha faces with massive amounts of data and reduce the chances of errors occurring during manual entry. This helps maintain a professional image and attracts more customers.