Success Story of a Human Resource System — YummyDay (Food Factory)

JUNE 25, 2023

YummyDay is a Korean and Japanese food manufacturer with its own factory, managed by a Korean executive chef. The primary ingredients come directly from Korea and Japan, ensuring the use of genuine and high-quality materials.

Kelvin Chan, the person in charge at YummyDay, stated that they had always used pen-and-paper methods for scheduling and had never encountered any human resource management system before. Whenever an employee needed to take a leave, they would have to fill out a form and hand it to the supervisor. Only after the supervisor stamped the form could the leave be approved. There were many inconveniences when managing employees' data, such as difficulty in finding related payroll slips and leave forms.

The Human Resources Management System provided by the CLG Group has helped Kelvin solve the above problems. Whether it's the scheduling layout, employees' leave application, or leave balance, everything is very clear. Employees can check their leave balances and apply for leaves themselves through the mobile APP. The employer can approve the leave directly on their phone, and the leave arrangement system will automatically record it, eliminating the need for resubmitting applications.

In addition, the system will intelligently calculate salaries in accordance with Hong Kong laws, allowing Kelvin to accurately carry out payroll tasks. The Payroll Management System has a multitude of built-in payroll calculation formulas, covering a wide range of payroll rules and can handle even the most complex situations with ease. The payroll interface is simple and easy to operate. The payslip clearly shows each salary item, such as the number of leave days and working hours, making it easier and faster for both employees and employers to cross-check.