Success Story of a Human Resource System — Crew Cut (Hair Salon)

JUNE 25, 2023

Crew Cut is engaged in the barber industry, focusing on the simple, durable, easy-to-manage, and masculine Crew Cut hairstyle. They have opened seven branches.

Crew Cut appreciates the trust placed in the CLG Group, using their Human Resources Management System for scheduling, replacing the previous method of scheduling. This system has facilitated the collaboration between Crew Cut and CLG Group, increasing Crew Cut's efficiency in handling scheduling tasks.

Tash Ma, the person in charge at Crew Cut, pointed out that in the past, they used pen and paper to record employees' workdays and hours. Furthermore, since branches are scattered all over Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories, adjusting staff assignments was a big hassle.

Since adopting the Human Resources Management System provided by the CLG Group, scheduling at Crew Cut has been simplified. The system features a batch scheduling function that, within a few minutes, can schedule and publish multiple employees' shifts at once. The system supports copying shifts by person or time, enabling scheduling for similar categories of employees all at once, and significantly shortening scheduling time.

Simultaneously, supervisors can view employees' attendance data for the day within the program, whether it's lateness or early departure, it's all clearly visible. Employees, on the other hand, can view their work dates, times, and locations through the application, avoiding issues arising from last-minute adjustments.

Furthermore, the person in charge at Crew Cut is interested in expanding into the mainland market, where contributions to the "Five Insurances and One Fund" are required, while in Hong Kong, contributions to the MPF are needed. To enable HR collaboration between the two regions, the system not only has a Hong Kong version but also a mainland version. This will ensure efficient employee management when Crew Cut expands in both Hong Kong and mainland China.