Match Event Production x Xero Cloud Accounting System

JUNE 25, 2023

MATCH Event Production 🎊 is a renowned wedding decor company established in 2013 📅. As their business grew, they found managing finances with just Excel 📊 to be increasingly inadequate. Typically, clients would make installment payments 💰 according to the progress of the decorations. However, with a surge in the number of clients, they frequently faced issues of invoice disarray 📑 and human errors, which led to diminished trust in the company 📉.

To address these issues, they decided to use the Xero Cloud Accounting System 🌐. Not only did this system alleviate their previous predicaments, but it also made the entire financial process clearer and more efficient 🔝. With Xero, employees could directly issue quotations and invoices in the system and email them to clients for collection 📧. Moreover, when issuing invoices, employees could mark installment payment information and automatically calculate the outstanding amount, facilitating follow-up on payment statuses 👍.

Once a client makes a payment, employees could record the payment date and method within the same bill and set a notification for the next collection 🔔. This significantly reduced the pressure of managing a multitude of bills ⬇️ and significantly diminished human errors ✅, helping to maintain the company's professional image 🌟.

After using the Xero Cloud Accounting System, administrative working hours at MATCH event production were significantly reduced ⏰. With the system's automated management functions, they saved at least 30 working hours each month 👏. This allowed the boss and employees to spend more time on customer service and business development, rather than on intricate financial details 📈.