Xero Story - YJ Jewellery

JUNE 25, 2023

‘YJ Jewellery’ originates from the philosophy in the traditional Chinese classic ‘I Ching’. In the I Ching, there are twelve 'Changsheng', representing the twelve stages of a person's life. YJ Jewellery is committed to the steady development of markets for different customer groups and provides an intimate consumer experience. Through the provision of a diverse range of products and services, it meets the needs of different stages of life. 'Yi' has three meanings: ‘unchanging’, ‘simple’, and ‘changing’. Among them, ‘changing’ emphasizes adapting to circumstances and being flexible in all matters. YJ Jewellery not only insists on maintaining traditional excellent quality but also continuously injects innovative elements, providing customers with cost-effective jewelry styles, and designs that incorporate local features and fashion. The brand and products have always been widely loved.

The retail industry was hit hard during the pandemic, and business was greatly affected. Many small and medium enterprises focused on expanding online sales channels. Our client, YJ Jewellery, was no exception. They chose to use creative methods to increase store revenue, while actively embracing digital development, simplifying financial work, and focusing resources on developing the online market.

Our client - YJ Jewellery mainly engages in jewelry and diamond retail. Customers have always liked to visit the physical store in person, and have jewelry designers create unique styles for them. Facing the crisis of pandemic lockdowns, YJ Jewellery was also affected. Since the main customer base came from tourists, the number of travelers decreased under the pandemic. In addition, in order to protect their own safety under the pandemic, people were less willing to go out, and sales were severely hit. YJ Jewellery strengthened the promotion of digitalization. Not only did they switch to online platforms, but through live sales, they achieved brilliant results and launched a new series of light luxury jewelry that was favored by the younger generation. The number of online orders also increased, and customers needed to spend more time processing orders.

While handling more orders, they decided to switch from using Excel spreadsheets for accounting to using Xero cloud accounting software. This made it more convenient to develop invoices for customers, while organizing and recording sales data, which helps the company better understand customer preferences, avoid confusing invoices, and promptly address customer needs. In the long run, it can help them expand into more markets.