The Role Of A Company Secretary: Ensuring Compliance With Laws And Regulations

JUNE 26, 2023

In the operations of a modern corporation, the role of the company secretary is indispensable. They’re not only responsible for handling complex administrative affairs, but also act as experts in ensuring that the company adheres to laws and regulations. According to the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) of Hong Kong, every limited company registered in Hong Kong must appoint at least one company secretary to ensure that the company’s statutory procedures and operations comply with relevant legal provisions.

Company secretaries play a key role in corporate governance. They need to be familiar with company law, securities law, and various commercial regulations, and ensure that the company’s operations and business decisions are in compliance with legal requirements. Company secretaries are expected to oversee and manage the company’s statutory records, including changes in shareholders and directors, and submit corresponding notifications to the Companies Registry when the company changes its registered office address, director or shareholder information, and so on.

Furthermore, company secretaries act as an important bridge between the company and its shareholders. They’re responsible for preparing and issuing notices of shareholders’ meetings and collecting and recording meeting resolutions. At general shareholder meetings or board meetings, the role of the company secretary becomes even more crucial, as they need to ensure the meetings comply with the company’s articles of association and relevant legal provisions.

Moreover, company secretaries are also expected to handle the company’s daily legal matters, such as dealing with legal disputes, signing legal documents, etc. They may also need to work with external lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to handle various legal and financial issues of the company.

In summary, the company secretary is a key role in ensuring corporate legal compliance, and their work is crucial to the legal operation and success of a company. Therefore, choosing a company secretarial service provider with extensive experience and professional knowledge, like CLG Group, can have a significant impact on the long-term development of a company.