Smart Transport Fund (STF) Audit Service

JULY 2, 2023

🚦🚘 Smart Transport Fund (STF) Audit Service 🚘🚦

✅ The STF (Smart Transport Fund) is a fund promoting innovative technological research related to vehicles.

✅ The STF aims to enhance the convenience of public transport, improve the efficiency of road networks, and increase driving safety.

✅ The maximum grant for research and application projects is up to HKD 20 million per project.

✅ The maximum grant for pure research projects is up to HKD 8 million per project.

✅ The project duration should generally not exceed 24 months.

📢 CLG Group is now providing #STF #SmartTransportFund audit services! Our professional audit team will ensure your application progresses smoothly and meets relevant financial audit requirements. Contact us now to learn more about CLG Group's audit services and how we can support your STF application!