Next-generation Cloud-based Restaurant POS System

JULY 1, 2023

Next-generation Cloud-based Restaurant POS System

Pain Point: Ordering System Existing problem: The need for floor staff to take orders, which leads to errors and delays as orders are relayed to the central counter. The counter becomes a bottleneck, slowing down the food serving process. Solution: Implement a new ordering system where staff can use tablets to take customer orders or allow customers to self-order by scanning QR codes on their tables. The order information is directly transmitted to the kitchen and cashier counter. The system supports table splitting, combining, and additional orders, effectively addressing the limitations of the previous system.

Benefits: Reduces average customer dining time, improves table turnover rate, customer volume, and overall revenue during peak hours.

Pain Point: Queue Management System Existing problem: The need for floor or cashier staff to distribute queue numbers and manage seating arrangements, resulting in long waiting times for customers. Solution: Implement a new queue management system where customers can obtain queue numbers outside the restaurant by scanning QR codes. They can then receive SMS notifications about their queue status and when they are about to be seated.

Benefits: Enhances the customer's queuing experience by reducing waiting times.

Pain Point: Membership System Existing limitations: The previous restaurant POS system was unable to integrate data for business statistics, analysis, and loyalty program management. Solution: The new generation of restaurant POS systems can connect with other systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This integration allows the POS system to directly transmit consumer data to the CRM for analysis, including popular dishes and customer preferences. Previously, this information was only available through second-hand information from staff or the kitchen. The data analysis capabilities provided by the system are crucial for managing chain restaurants.

Benefits: Increases customer retention opportunities, establishes a loyal customer base.

Benefits of Restaurant Membership Programs: Encourages customers to provide their contact information, facilitating future promotional activities. This increases customer retention and helps to build a loyal customer base.