Audit Services for Regulated Electrical Equipment Program ("REE")

JULY 1, 2023

CLG Group is delighted to announce that we are providing new audit services for suppliers of regulated electrical equipment (REE), which includes air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers, scanners, and monitors. We have designed this service to help suppliers navigate the complex environmental regulations set up by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, ensuring compliance and supporting our joint move towards a more sustainable future.

Understanding the REE Program

The REE program is an important producer responsibility scheme implemented by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department since 2018. The scheme turns waste into resources by requiring that waste electrical and electronic products be properly handled by licensed recycling facilities. This resolves improper handling problems that may arise during transportation, storage, and dismantling in the past, which can cause pollution to land and the environment.

CLG Group's Audit Services

Against this backdrop, CLG Group's audit service aims to ensure that suppliers comply with relevant regulations throughout the process. Our professional team will conduct a comprehensive review of the supplier's operations, including but not limited to verifying the correct handling of all products and ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental regulations.

Why Choose CLG Group

The CLG Group has deep expertise in environmental protection and regulatory compliance, providing you with real-time regulatory updates and professional advice. We believe that through our services, your company can comply with environmental regulations more effectively, thereby achieving sustainable operation.

We look forward to being your audit partner under the REE program. The CLG Group is committed to assisting your company in achieving the highest environmental standards, while ensuring that your company complies with all relevant regulations in the process of recycling and disposing of waste electrical and electronic products.

How We Achieve Our Mission

Our professional team will conduct a comprehensive audit, including verifying whether all waste electrical and electronic products are properly handled and comply with all relevant environmental regulations. Our goal is to ensure that your company not only complies with all regulations but can also operate sustainably throughout the process.

CLG Group Looks Forward to Working With You

If you are a supplier of REE and are looking for professional audit services, please contact us. The CLG Group will provide you with professional, efficient, and compliant audit services that comply with all relevant regulations. We look forward to working with you to create a greener and more sustainable future for Hong Kong.